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August 29th, 2016 by J

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Hilary Swank isn’t just the perfect candidate for some hot blowjob session with that big mouth, she also enjoys a group of masturbating men who finishes off on her face and big juggs. She’s more satisfied with a ton of jizz from various men than just one who can’t even cover both her tits with man juice!

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April 12th, 2016 by J

After being married for five years, Hilary Swank’s divorce taught her a lot of things, she says. One of the lessons is to love herself more. But now she wanted to really love herself first than give herself away to people who only take advantage of her. She figured, her single status would mean she can do whatever she wants and this includes going wild with herself. Purchasing this new fuck machine for herself is a huge step since her EX wasn’t into it. Watch her bang her pussy over and over until she cums.

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September 26th, 2010 by hilary

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Hilary Swank has got it all! Oh yes, this impossibly hot Hollywood actress has everything she ever wanted, and more. With a single glance at her, you’d immediately find out that she has the body of a Greek goddess: a slender, well-toned body, a hot pair of tits (neither too big nor too small), and a firm, bouncing booty that just begs to be slapped over and over and over again! No wonder they gave her two Oscar Best Actress awards, Hilary is definitely smoldering sexy, as you can see from these hot Hilary Swank naked photos.

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Hilary Swank is so fucking hot, I don’t spend a day without thinking about her! I want to massage those tits until my hands fall off! I want to kiss that butt until it has kiss marks all over! And boy, do I want to pound on that pretty little pink pussy until it bleeds or until I’m out of come, whichever comes first! What I’d give to fuck her, even just once! But that’s not happening anytime soon. In the meantime, just check out these nude pics of Hilary Swank.

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April 23rd, 2010 by hilary

Wow. This is suprising. I don’t know what’s going on in these pics but I am surprised to see how  hard my dick is right now. I got to admit, I never saw the hotness in Hilary Swank, let alone jacked off over her but seeing these pics, I just might. She was always the tomboyish-type so I didn’t give her the time of day but lookie what we have here.  A pair of big jugs with juicy nipples! What drove her to go out to some event wearing a see-through dress with no bra! Oh believe me, I’m not complaining. If anything, I am extremely turned on.

She must have had a huge cock in her pussy the night before these pics were taken. She probably loved the dick balls deep in her gaping ass to make her feel her feminine side that’s why she decided it was time to say fuck it to her manly side. Only a big fat cock who knows how to please a wet hungry pussy can have this effect on a woman.

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August 11th, 2008 by hilary

But hey, most of the time sex is just sex, so I guess Hilary Swank just likes to fuck sometimes without thinking about connecting it to some movie role.  So here we see Hilary having as much carnal fun as she can with her favorite sexual fetish, and that’s getting some hot, sweet analHer ass gets a lot of action from many different guys here, and she even achieves the ultimate in anal action, which is getting a double penetration, with a big cock up her pussy and her ass at the same time. Now that’s hardcore, and Hilary Swank takes it up both her holes with ease!  Unwinding by getting fucked hard and deep must be something she does a lot, considering all the heavy roles she does for the silver screen.  We’re just stoked there are some images out there showing her doing it!

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August 11th, 2008 by hilary

After playing two demanding, masculine roles for the movies, how does Hilary Swank unwind and get back in touch with her feminine side again?  Well, we’re no experts on what makes her tick, but we have our own theories of course, based on some images that have been revealed to us recently, which we’re posting here.  In our humble opinion, we think that the way Hilary Swank gets back to feeling like a natural woman again after taking on a heavy gender-bending role is by sucking some really big cock!  When you thnk about it, it just seems like most natural thing for a woman to do to get in touch with her female side, isn’t it?  Worshipping a male organ through oral pleasure is usually a gal’s right of passage, so she must be connecting back to her early days as a carefree young girl.  Or maybe she’s rehearsing for a gay guy role, with her career, you never know.  Still, Hilary Swank doing anything sexual is hot, and you can see more of that by clicking here and heading to the hottest celeb site full of dirty, raunchy material!

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August 11th, 2008 by hilary

Now, even though she may look like it, and even act like it in her film roles occasionally, Hilary Swank is no lesbian.  But that doesn’t mean she doesn’t know how to let her masculine side loose carnally once in a while, resulting in hot fuck sessions like this one, caught on camera.  You can see that Hilary is really excited about sticking that strap on she’s wearing up the pussy of that blonde slut bent over in front of her.  Yeah, she’s really putting her training as a man in “Boy’s Don’t Cry” to good use in this fuck session, and you know her partner’s really going to get a good reaming from this award-winning performer.  If she can play a female boxer so convincingly, like in “Million Dollar Baby”, then fucking a girl from behind with a fake dick is going to be child’s play for her.  And it’s great practice to keep her wide acting range intact too, now that she’s back to playing more feminine roles once more, until a new, powerful movie needing her services is in the works again.

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August 11th, 2008 by hilary

For her award-winning turn as Teena Brandon, the transgender born as a woman who lived her life as a man, Hilary Swank prepared for the role by living as a man for a month before shooting.  That entailed stuffing the crotch of her pants with socks as well as wrapping her chest in tension bandages.  Well, it was a great role, and she was recognized for it, but all that time keeping her breasts under wraps must have been a horrendous time for Hilary, because nowadays she spends as much time as she can letting those boobies swing free, unfettered by even a modest top, let alone a bra.

Check out these pics of Hilary Swank topless and you’ll see that for her it’s as natural as breathing, which shouldn’t surprise anyone.  For someone who’s so in touch with the entire range of human emotion, being topless or nude is really the only way to live.  Being as free as she can be is obviously how Hilary lives her life, and that includes being free of clothes whenever the situation is appropriate, or even when it’s not sometimes!

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